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5G is coming,Are you ready?

View: 310725/11/2019  

5G will become the main driving force of the next wave of fiber consumption. With the official commercial use of 5G in China, 5G pretransmission solution and 5G construction of ultra-dense network need to consume a lot of fiber, which will bring new opportunities to China and the global fiber and cable market.In recent years, the research on multi-core and low-mode optical fiber based on space division multiplexing technology and its related applications has been heating up. Such optical fiber will have a broad application prospect in the field of high-speed high-capacity transmission and high-density access of data center.In addition, ultra-low-loss optical fiber, bending-insensitive optical fiber, high-density optical fiber and other products will also give full play to their performance advantages in the future 5G era to facilitate the construction of 5G network.Over the years, changfei has been continuously researching and developing in these technical fields, and has a profound technical reserve, which is also ready for the construction of 5G network.

The development analysis and prospect of the global optical fiber and cable industry, and said that the current global optical fiber market is facing certain adjustments, but it is also the best time to discuss the latest development such as 5G network deployment and investment in super-large data centers.In his keynote speech, zhuang Dan Shared the current situation of China's 5G construction, as well as the high-quality products and solutions that changfei can provide for the market and industry in the era of Internet of everything intelligence, and expressed cautious and optimistic views on the fiber optic cable industry in the era of 5G.

Current global demand for optical fiber, construction and application of the relationship between demand;From the perspective of optical fiber technology to optical fiber application, this paper describes how the serialized technology and product solutions of changfei company will serve and help the development of global information and communication market in the long term.

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