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Looking ahead to the 19-year ict exhibition, the first year of commercial use of 5G will usher in a new era

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China's first year of 5G has begun with the ministry of industry and information technology (miit) formally issuing 5G commercial licenses.
Just as people did not predict the complete explosion of short video, live broadcast and mobile payment before the advent of 4G, e-commerce, takeout and taxi hailing platforms have emerged suddenly, what can the era of 5G finally bring us? The imagination space is infinite.
This suspense is expected to be answered at the China international information and communications exhibition (PT), which will be held on October 31, 2016.
Sponsored by the ministry of industry and information technology, the China international information and communications exhibition (ciict) is known as the "main battlefield of 5G release" and the "ICT (information and communications) industry bellwether" by the industry.
It is predicted that more than 60,000 professionals from different fields will gather at the national convention center in Beijing this year to take part in the event that will bring 5G into reality and touch the future.

As early as 2006, the outline of the national program for medium - and long-term scientific and technological development (2006-2020) designated the new generation of broadband wireless mobile communication network (" 03 special project ") as a major national science and technology special project to cultivate core technologies and independent intellectual property rights.
What has been achieved in the past decade of implementation so far?
The achievements of more than 100 leading units will be presented collectively at the 2019 exhibition, revealing breakthroughs in core technologies in the field of information and communication.

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