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After the epidemic, the optical communication industry will eventually usher in a strong recovery

View: 287424/04/2020  

LightCounting has released its latest guidance for the optical communications market in 2020, which is expected to be affected by a novel coronavirus outbreak.
According to LightCounting, sales expectations for the optical communications market in 2020 are likely to be low.
Although the optical communications industry will not be affected as much as tourism and hospitality, no industry is immune to the global recession.
As people around the world push to work and study from home, demand for web and cloud services will soar.
In the past week alone,Microsoft Teams, a chat-based smart team collaboration tool, added 12 million daily active users to its 32 million.
Despite the panic in financial markets, the slowdown in demand for optical networks and transceivers is likely to be short-lived.
Given the urgency to increase bandwidth in network infrastructure, we expect a very strong recovery to follow.
Once the world returns to normal or new normal, networks and data centres will be the focus of investment for many years to come.
While the timing of the recovery is difficult to predict at this stage, there is no doubt that the optical communications industry is poised for a strong recovery.

In the next five to ten years, the fields of semiconductors, 5G and optical communications will continue to grow at a high speed due to the huge market on the domestic demand side and the domestic alternative mainline on the supply side.Investment in these "hard tech" areas over the past few years has been so hot that projects are overvalued.
This outbreak will have a great dampening effect on the high valuation of related industries and will accelerate the rush of enterprises.
Suffering is the best litmus test of the enterprise, the more the crisis is the more test of entrepreneurs and investors.
At the same time, the development of the semiconductor, 5G and optical communication industries is the two basic elements of capital and talent, the future industry promotion depends on the government and the market for the relevant industry's strategic, long-term and arduous understanding, as well as the attitude and determination to continue to invest.
We will be combined with market after the outbreak in addition to the main focus on domestic substitute logic, both start and difference advantage, in the project of technical, team and product service and focus on the company's risk control and crisis response capacity, "live" is a good hard technology companies must some genes.
The epidemic may slow the industry down, but the hard technology industries of semiconductors, 5G and optical communications are marathons in their own right.
Sometimes it's better to stop and clear your mind.
Let us take the rough and rugged, toward the goal ahead, along the core road course, and China's hard technology all the way forward, forward

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